Greater London Postcode Sector Map

The definitive Postcode Sector map of Outer London Within the M25

Delivery is 3- 5 Working Days

Map Description

The full colour map background provides the perfect background to Postcode Sector boundaries for outer London which are created from the latest official Royal Mail Postcode information.

Please Note: The Postcode Sector boundaries on this map for Central London are very small and difficult to read - this map is best used for planning across Outer London. If you need to see Postcode Sector boundaries for Central London please see our Central London Postcode Sector map. If you only need Postcode District boundaries across London then please see our Greater London Postcode District map.

If you need to see the most detailed Postcodes map for North, South, West and East London outside of the centre then this is the perfect map.

The image top left (click the image to enlarge) shows the level of detail provided for an area of the map in East London with the Postcode Sector boundaries in red.

The Postcode boundaries represent the Sector level of Postcode which is everything apart from the last two characters. For example, the Postcode for Twickenham Stadium is TW2 7BA and so this map will show the boundary and label for the Postcode Sector TW2 7.

This map is our most popular choice for viewing Postcode Sector boundaries across Outer London - for Central London please click here >>

Coverage of the Outer London Postcode Sector Map

The image top right shows the overall coverage of this map. The map covers an area just within the M25 from Enfield in the North to Epsom in the South and from Staines in the West to Dartford in the East.

You can also check the exact area this map covers by viewing the map sheet of the Greater London Postcode District map on Google maps >>

Map Specification

Scale:   1:50,000
Size:    A0 (119cm x 84cm)
Finish:    All postcode maps are printed on high quality paper. 'Plastic Coated' maps are encapsulated between two sheets of plastic which protect your map from creases, folds and tears.
Delivery:    Please allow 3 working days for paper maps to be delivered and 5 working days for plastic coated maps.

Map Features

  1. Postcode Sector boundaries clearly displayed in red with associated Postcode Sector Names (eg EC1 2)
  2. Full colour Map background including motorways, primary roads.
  3. Major towns, cities and villages

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